Someone motivate me to do this brochure for french class.

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pyocomon asked: benedict cumberbatch misgenders trans people and he compared autistic people to frankenstein's monster how do people even like him




#ableism #benedict cumberbatch #misgendering #transphobia

he’s absolute garbage trash and i don’t understand either Fuck him

is there a source to this?? i would absolutely love to have a source. having a source would make me so happy

here for the ableism

here for the misgendering, he is misgendering a trans woman and he is garbage


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Anonymous asked: I am doing fine thank you very much

That’s great! 

What can I do for you today?

Anonymous asked: YOURE ONLINE HELLO

Yes! I am always online! (like actually whenever I’m not at school or traveling to or from school i am online) 

How are you this fine evening?

seductivelysalad asked: ☾ - draw me and you and other people if you wanna put em in, but we're the important ones


seductivelysalad asked: ✂"


seductivelysalad asked: ✉